This, our bond

Do you remember summer grass?
Waves in walls of white on silver
Where wheat sheaves scraped our fingers
I followed you like wood to water

Preparing now our winter copses
I put my mind where rain collapses
In every drop lie minute incisions
An entry point for radiant light

And every time light enters, You do
You, who are within (and without) these walls
Experiencing light, somehow I’m rubble
Crumbling I become the fine
dust that mingles in mists of meeting:
Rain on light in the dust are one


You instil in me such keenness!
As water to flesh, I wish to meld
Make love without a marked direction
Live life as if life was deathlessly compelled

Where we complete a journey
These three elements compose
Earth expands in silent waves
Still, she’s simply marked on the hill where we rose

Your heart is in my chest tonight
You wonder if I’m sleeping
I’m not, and yet I dream
Having become you, I love you
and this, our bond, is the seamless sea between



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