I visualise raw men, a bucketful

Posing on my own, living for cream

Pursued by thirst, and flicking switches


I visualise latent crumbs, coughing strips

Lapels upheld, strands of foggy air

I’ve licked her rotting face, in circles


so I visualise loops, hammering and squirming

under heaps I curl my tongue, force haemorrhage

Poppies inherit us, rota by rota


I visualise you, I visualise you new

We’ve paid rails to go, copied all their words

Surfing on the sun, a day-jobs’ click click


I visualise tightly drawn skin, glowing

Bell birds bark, unseen amongst a yellowish green

Livid, lusty, and free. We can glean


I visualise a candle, forms of leaving

Pacing trucks, drivers mouths filled with figs

Chucking up a role, pulsars at the gloaming


I visualise Oedipus, the lashings of a raw man

Naked, stamping feet, concrete, sweat

Lies left unperturbed. Now chafing


I visualise a flood, Polyanna’s moans

Courage as she runs, sapphires belching

Lurking under fire, deft spasms, our corridor…



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