Beyond and Here’s the Same

I’m going to make a leap of faith

I truly want to try

No stopping at the early train

Stumped by the ticket price


The boundless courage I now crave

Is an empty wooden horse

See me standing in the parapet

On the other side of course


I yearn to dive into the lake

Just give me one last day

I’ve got to write some words down

There’s stuff I need to say


It’s easy making switches

So simple cuffing love

Ripping into pieces

Then giving it a shove


My mother has a vision:

Her son securely sown

She’d give up her horizon

Her love gave me the strength I know


So before I go beyond the known

Before I blacken skies

I’d like to see how love can grow

A love might melt this ice


I’m willing to let go in mind

Untangle every root

You kissed my cheek a thousand times

A thousand kisses made me mute


Fire before me dances

Flames have bellowed in this life

Courage has been a stricken stranger

A bedraggled and broken waif


Surely faith will be rewarded

This spirits’ hungry hole

Leaping without looking

Finding strength by letting go


I crave that strength, I rot to pass

I waggle on my leaf

Whilst nature rummages her craft

Excelling without need


Soon rook will land and catch my eye

One day she’ll bring me silver

Enough to pay the price of life

Together we’ll drink water


The faith it takes to leap

Is somewhere down the ground

No palace stands where we begin

No heavenly holy town


I share this hole with worms and moles

Embedded in black soil

Breathing in such nutriment

I rejoice inside Earth’s coil


To leap, to sacrifice, to dive

This desperate will to leave

In tiny steps and gestures

Life lives whilst love lets weave


I’m standing still, I’m crying

Not getting on the train

There is no requisite or theme belying

Beyond and here’s the same



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