An Angsty Apathetic Anger

Struggling to keep up

our Earthly pausings, commas at comets


a Deep field of darkness

Entrancing as a ring and unpopular

Circled by a pack of megalomaniacs in training

Unbribable and fierce


Their cheques are lean!


Our suffocated semi-punctual promise

is the raging of a purple stripe

Across the deck like children fleeing oil

the wandering orb collides with a forest-like air

Cowing at pentangled light we gloat


Forked eyes at ruined masts

Swaying jogging murderous crowds released in pens

their Detrimental links lie on unread pages

like we call a father Father, until he reeks or flaps


our Naked joint of shoulder ripens in the wind

Faking it on mumbled loves, a reel


Naturally forceful with glances

Chopping wood is fencing them

in grey yet florid openings

our Supple arm in a tremorous meeting, callous concrete fibres

Pacing and directed by a kind bright grand Condor

Aping looks ungiven as we pass



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