I Leave Myself Like Horses

Having tampered with your skin

I know now how you taste

The flapping of your fingers

My tongue, your writhing body must baste


‘Yield, and turn your back on me

before this folly gets called out

Growl with purpose, our relapse

is surely borne of self-doubt’


Or if it’s not, you’ve found the chance

A path through knives and curtains

If so we make a mutual choice

Are we daubing or unfurling?


I leave myself like horses

I wrangle with my stye

Collecting up a catkin mousse

You’re raw and kind, you pry


‘Not yet’, I know you heard me whimper

No forcing course of shoulder

To largo, lent and lethe I lean and lean!

My bravest at a smoulder


You fossick at me, you flay the fear

I collect at moving corners

My life a truss of leaving

So cackle as per your order


We rally by the grape’d and naked

You show me where to fuck

The knowledge of your cummings

drifts, my temper is your truck


It’s corrosive now and only glue

I’m tied in, a flaw or something like a fleck

And the sun, Oh the sun

It’s worth a word before I kiss your neck



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