In October Morning

Putting out onto the highway, with an engine underneath

I realise I won’t get very far

There’s a finger on the road and that old picture between my teeth

What tells the story of a night beneath the jar?


We’ll be living on the land and making every moment count

We were making love a million times a day

The dogs all bark’d and bit and bay’d and roll’d round in the dunes

We made out on the sands of Elephant Bay


With one smile we make a grab for skin, we’d call what we have love

If not for the rigour mortis on our eyes

I had the next door neighbour when you went up to the house

She promised to agree with all my lies


Now it goes on without wanting to, it fixes to the steps

A promising companionship of compromise

No questions asked, no rally to the cause of one another

Hand in hand, two heads stuck in each sigh


Onto other things I guess, I always knew you’d balk

Our seven seas in tatters and a roar

Copying the charts to tell the currents we move under

Laughing at the captain’s empty drawer


I love an empty cage and yet I lose my way so quickly

Thinking about the fucks and sucks of sorrow

The chain is strong I drag along, expecting no horizon

No finger in the arse, no pouted hollow


And the gangrene in my arm is a full on stench, salt did not work

Saliva drowns the cockroaches that linger

The rope I’m tied to connects to a stye, I’m the man I scuppered

Our marriage is a molten pot of laughter


A rolling ocean hopes my brain directs the earth beneath me

Before I meet the water without air

I’ve cursed this rotten sea with my breath, I’ve wrestled with her titan

Still love commends a rogue to deep despair



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