In Canopy

We read it at a step, I think I chased the ruddy coal

Mucking in and off the steps by bout or by bowl

Several things like buzzard stings or polyphonic claws

Epinephrin surging through the rivers, fjords and shores


Limping for four empty heads the wily ones turn red

Posing on an oily canvas, stripy light through trees long dead

The fun we had whilst washing wishes, windows shut too tight

Crumbling fortunes dissipate in a fantastic light


Eastings at a junction, ruthless pointings up a roar

Man’s time sapping joyous longings, rigour to the core

Flakes of crispy sunlight flip a rushed right royal stripping

Estuarial energy colours conical cloud clippings


Resting at a junction, flowers gently kiss more skin

Gold-topped shivering sparkled green on brown

I’ve known you all my life, I couldn’t hack a swathe away

Missing you has somehow paved a saving grace



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