I Held Her Hand

Hunting a bye-law that will let me terrify you

something Hard and fought for

I wriggled about, I slid


So to my morning, calling

it is untenable this flapping, trapping, copper Life

Nature flicks us by the chromosome

she chucks blooded Earth into our sacks

may be we overturn


I will go to the river

and I will learn to Fly

I will strap myself to Water

I will pry

if it drains me at the source, I will live


Exiting, the Sun imparts one final slaughterous carafe of irradiated and crepusculous light

no longer, my Beachy Head

no more, my liver’d Lung

a walk to work will not suffice


these off-licences crap stringy arses

Pencil legs drag bottles, onward

o’er yonder hill


What about Aeroplanes?

A thimble-full is the runner?

no, no… No longer

we may not be Evil, be sure there is callousness

in us


I held her hand

and I refuse to leave now

I know the taste



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