I Felt like Skipping

It is a hard thing to compare an eye

to any of the four

Each one is flapping in the wind and I

am up beyond a shore

Lilting in clean rooms of white tiles shoving

off to trees

Sapping every ounce of powder from an indifferent

source of tasting pleas


You, you were on that seat I skipped by an ounce

within that hour

All I smelt the whole way up the mountain was oil

plus piss and flowers

Ideas missed my pinhole Messi shot at me

between the ears you stumped us

As later on that day I saw you all eating

eggs on bread, and I ate


I slipped, I’m sure of it, and smiling

all trappings of plans

Millions of miles unfolded in caves

that did not get low

Then shuffling on a rubber carcass colossal confounded

Pop pop went screens too loud

A new year in a new year in flower!

I felt like skipping



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