I Just Ran Round an Island

I just ran round an island

Sticky toes in rubber casings

Every shrub a hiding place

Snakes and toads and titans


Clashing with an iron fox

Spitting at my brain

Coughing up her static looks

The fickle paths she sprays


A few soft words from Callahan

Stranded in a bar

Out beyond my wounded plans

An eagle’s river’s shard


So bursting at the diaphragm

Squishy all the sweat

Rushing harder than I can

Raking out the bets


It came to me I wasn’t mean

I’m not a tardis or a stream

Just a lump of fat grown lean

Underneath these countless beams


Moving fast the run came closer

Mail awaiting eyes

Worlds that grow from baked to frozen

Come in one strange size


My beautiful picture

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